Swedish massage

Looking to wind down after a long day? Tired of having restless nights? Simply need some “Me Time”? Swedish Massage focuses on relaxation by targeting the superficial muscles. It is known to reduce pain and stress, can improve the immune system and increase blood circulation and flexibility.  Side effects include:  improved sleep, snoring,  mood improvement, gratitude.

Price: 60 min-  $85      90 min-  $110

Deep Tissue Massage

You know that annoying pain that just will not go away no matter how much you rub it?  Have you made a sudden movement and pulled a muscle? We know that pain all to well and that could mean the pain is “deeper than the surface” pun intended! Deep Tissue massage targets specific areas where pain is constant. Deeper pressure is applied using various techniques to relieve tension and break up adhesions thus increasing mobility of limbs.  Soreness and stiffness after the session is not uncommon but will subside. 

Price:  60 min ~ $110 | 90 min ~ $140

Hot stone Massage

Smooth, flat stones, usually made of basalt, are heated and placed on specific parts of your body where there is stiffness or pain.  It can help relieves stress and promote blood circulation and better sleep.

Price:  90 min ( full body massage) $150 

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sports massage


Price:  60 min ( full body massage) $110

but wait, there’s more…….

Hand Massage only

Price: 20 min~ $25

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Foot Massage only

Price: 30 min~ $35

Exfoliating Scrub add-on

Price:  $10

Aromatherapy add-on

Price:  $15